A 3 month internship in Norway

I had the chance to work as an intern in R8 Edge a design agency located in the south of Norway. There I worked under Atle Barcley's art direction. He taught me a lot about design and branding strategy.

The first project I was asked to work on is a commercial video destined to be played on Football stadium LED banners. As R8 Group was revealing its new visual identity their goal was to create brand awareness.

At the time, I was used to design motion video for 16:9 ratios. This project was very challenging as the resolution of the video was about 90x1500px.

Complete branding motion video

The commercial video was a success and the art director started to trust me with my motion design abilities. He then asked me to conceive a motion video that presented the complete visual identity. This video had to be presented during R8 Group's Kick OFF, in front of R8's employees, stakeholders and to journalists as well.

So Atle Barcley jumped on stage and presented the identity while this video was playing:

A beautiful experience to be continued

After I returned to France. R8 Edge asked me to do a Freelance mission. The purpose of this task was to design a motion video commercial for a Bank called Skagerrak Sparebank. The video was about the bank investment sales.