Amateur artists does not usually have enough time to prepare and organise themselves properly. They usually forget milestone informations or gear. They do not know they need to communicate technical and organisational informations to promoters.


Technical and organisational problems affect everyone. Promoters loose profitability. Artists loose their reputation and audience is disappointed.


The "technical rider" is used at all times for professional artists. Pratos aims to guide amateur artist creating their own.

Pratos was conceived hand to hand with artists, promoters and tech engineers.

Visual identity

Visual identity was designed to please the users eyes while providing clear and seamless informations.

A visual language was designed to help the user recognise tech and organisational informations.

A set of colours was chosen accordingly to the uses cases as most of them are organisational.


Thanks to Figma prototyping tool I was able to test my solution with users. It allowed me to create the following user journey.