Altice is a conglomerate that gathers several phone/access providers in the world. As part of the Wiztivi Lab team, we were asked to deliver a complete, cross platform TV experience for Altice USA, SFR (France), MEO (Protugal), Hot (Israël).

I worked for two years on this project. I was asked to do visual design, experience design and motion design.
I conceived the video you see above with Yann Penhouet.


This project was very challenging as we were building a product that was going to be used in four different countries with different languages, cultures, and user needs. Also, the main app was supposed to be adapted on web as well as on tablets and phones.


Agile methodology was used throughout this piece of work. We were using Jira, Confluence, and Google Meet for inner/outter communication and project management.

Voice Assistant

I had the chance to design the product’s voice assistant. It allowed me to understand use cases and voice’s constraints as an interaction modem.

Voice assistants are leading points of technology. They populated our operating systems and are use more and more everyday. Animating this bubble entity in After Effects was both challenging and and enjoyable!

"Nathan understood quickly the product's contraints. He designed high quality answers to clients problems. The Voice control interaction he conceived was a success in front of many clients. He has proven his abilities to design an experience on a international scale product"
Thomas Lautrédou, Ux Strategist, Wiztivi

Apple TV Onboarding

Wiztivi's project managers and lead designer trusted me on designing Altice's Apple TV app. I had the chance of working directly with an Altice project leader. Together, we defined the onboarding of the app, along with other features.